What size plants do you sell?

When do you sell your plants?

We are selling our plant collections now and advise that you purchase as soon as possible so that you don't miss out!  

Do you sell indoor plants?

No.  We only sell outdoor plants for your garden.

Do you sell tree saplings or vegetable plants?

We only sell garden flowering plants at this point in time but hope to expand our offering soon!

Do you sell hanging baskets or plants suitable for hanging baskets?

We only sell garden flowering plants at this point in time but hope to expand our offering soon!

Do you sell compost?

We only sell garden flowering plants at this point in time but hope to expand our offering soon!

Can I amend my order?

Please Contact Us and we will help you.

When will you deliver plants?

How are plants sizes determined?

Which collection is right for me?

I have not received an email order confirmation

Please check your Spam/Junk Mail folder.  Hotmail in particular likes to direct emails to these folders!  If you still cannot see your confirmation email, please Contact Us and we will be able to help you.
Please also check the email address on your PayPal notification.

We are having problems with live.co.uk and live.com emails not making it to your inbox. Please email us and we will redirect the notifications for you.

If you spot an error, please Contact us and will update your details.

How do I amend my delivery address?

Please Contact Us and we will help you. 

Can I cancel my order?

Please refer to our Refunds and Returns policy. 

Will you refund my full amount?

Please refer to our Refunds and Returns policy.

I am having technical problems with the website, how do I get help?

Please Contact Us and we will help you. 


Delivery For detailed information about delivery, please refer to the Delivery page

What is the delivery process?

Where to you deliver to?

We are initially offering to Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and Bristol but hope to expand!

Please Contact Us if you live outside of the above areas and will let you know whether we can deliver to you.

When will my plants arrive?

Can I choose the time of delivery?

Can I have my plants delivered on the weekend?

Due to the specialised nature of large and live plant deliveries, we currently are unable to offer weekend deliveries, but hope to do so in the future. 

Who will deliver my plants?

Our hand picked couriers are independent drivers who ***

Can I track my delivery on the delivery day?

Please Contact Us and we will be able to give your drop number and the number your courier is currently delivering to, to give you a better idea of when your plants will arrive.

Can you guarantee delivery?

Although we make every effort to deliver your plants by your preferred date, we are unable to guarantee delivery.  There are many factors affecting the delivery process.  Please refer to our Delivery page for more information. 

What happens if I am not home when my plants are delivered?

We strongly advise that you provide details of a safe place where we can leave your plants if you are not home.  If there are no instructions, at their own discretion, the driver may leave your order somewhere out of view.  They will photograph where they leave the items and provide a description on our dispatch system so we can trace when and where it was left. Please contact us if you have been notified that your order has arrived and you cannot locate it. Note that redelivery attempts may incur additional charges.

My delivery is due today but I need to go out

Hopefully you will have advised a safe place for the delivery driver to leave your plants.  If not, at the discretion of the courier, they will leave the plants in a place out of view.  A photograph will be taken where they leave the item along with a description.   If you need to know where your plants are on delivery day, please Contact Us and we will be able to give your drop number and the number your courier is currently delivering to, to give you a better idea of when your tree will arrive.

I need to make contact with my delivery driver on the day of delivery

Once your plants are out for delivery, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get in touch with your driver.  Please do Contact Us and we will do all we can to make contact.

How will my plants be packaged?

To minimise damage from handling and cost, you plants will be delivered just in their pots.  If you would like to have your delivery driver leave the plants in a wheelbarrow or special container, please make a note in your delivery details.

Will my delivery driver be able to take my plants into my backyard?

After Delivery

Why don't my plants have flowers?

My plant/s are not what I expected, what do I do?

Please refer to our Refunds and Returns Policy page for more information.

I do not appear to have received what I have ordered

Please Contact Us and we will investigate.

Can I collect my plants?

Depending on current government policy, we will initally offer collection from Painswick in Gloucestershire.  If we are able to offer a click and collect in your area, you will be notified and and a refund for delivery offered if you choose to pick up your plants.


For detailed information about looking after your plants, please refer to *****

Your plant collection will come with a card with more information on care.  Each plant also will have a label with more information.

Your plants will be watered before we deliver them to you but please check that the compost is moist.  If the compost is slightly dry, carefully water and allow to dry.

Your plants will be happy for about 3 days if the compost is moist and they are kept in a light, warm price.

When planting into your garden, make sure the soil is granular and any lumps are broken up.  If you have poor soil, you will need to incorporate a few handfuls of compost into the area.

Once your plants are dug into your garden, water below the foliage canopy to reduce marking and damage to the flowers.  'Dead heading' (removing spent, dead flowers) will keep your plant looking healthy and will encourage more flowers to be produced.

Responsible Pot Re-use & Disposal

Recyclable pots

We are proud to advise that our suppliers were the leaders in the industry to introduce recycleable pots.  See more information here: ***

Check curbside. 

Local charity want them?

All pots and labels can be recycled with the kerbside collections for all WR postcodes.

For all other areas, please check with your local council.

Regrettably we cannot accept pots back for reuse due to the risk of introducing pests and disease to the site.